MFL85N Replacement Mechanical Seal Size 45 mm.



MFL85N Replacement Mechanical Seal

แมคคานิคอลซีล MFL85N Size 45 mm.
Sealwise Type : PJ08-45

ขนาดเพลา 45 มิลลิเมตร
วัสดุ หน้าสัมผัส          : Silicon Carbide – Silicon Carbide
โอริง                              : Viton
วัสดุโลหะ                    : Stainless Steel 316
วัสดุ เมทัล เบลโล่    : SUS316L

Sealwise Type :PJ08-45
Size : 45 mm.
Seal Face            : Silicon Carbide – Silicon Carbide
O-ring                  : Viton
Metal Parts        : Stainless Steel SUS304
Bellows              : SUS316L

It is equivalent to EagleBurgmann MFL85N.


 Welded metal bellows construction, Balanced, Independent of the direction of rotation
 Bellows not only used as an elastic component but also has good torque transmission effect
  No dynamically loaded O-Ring
  Dimensional data conform with DIN24960 standard
Recommended Applications
  Refining technology, Oil and gas industry
  Process industry
  Special Rotating Equipment.
Operating range

Shaft diameter    :  from 18 mm. to 100mm (0.750” …4.000”)
Pressure                :  MAX 2.5Mpa(362.5psi)
Temperature       :  -20 °C to 220 °C(-4°F to 428°F)
Sliding velocity  :  Vg≤15m/s(49.2ft/m)

Notes: The range of pressure, temperature and sliding velocity is depend on seals combination materials


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